Thursday, January 24, 2013

What I Would Love To Do... to get on a set schedule. It is 2:10 AM right now and I'm cruising Facebook and playing computer games. I should be sleeping or working. I would love to be able to have a set work schedule. A few hours a day where I would only work on my niche websites or my Squidoo lenses. Instead, I sleep in until noon, do some work in between lunch, snacks, watching TV and getting dressed (which I usually don't do until supper time). Then I might do some work while watching TV at night. I could probably get twice as much work done if I set aside 3-4 hours a day just for work. I could get dressed in work clothes, sit at my desk and actually work. No distractions. No TV. No Food and no Facebook. I have no idea how to do this. I think I'm going to try to set aside 4 hours to work tomorrow. I'm only going to work during those 4 hours and after the 4 hours are done, I'm not going to think about work. I think I'll work from noon until 4. This means that I have to be awake, dressed and fed by noon so that I'm ready for work. I'll take one small break for a snack at 2 PM. After 4 PM, I'm not going to think about work. I'll spend the evening relaxing and doing stuff I enjoy like reading or learning to play guitar. Or I could watch a movie. I'm hoping that this will make me more productive with work stuff and more relaxed when it comes to personal time.

On a side note: I already screwed up my budget this month and for months to come. I did a stupid thing and bought concert tickets. The concert is in July and it is 12 hours from here. I'm planning to camp to save some money but I'll have to spend a lot in gas money. I told my parents that I'm fine going alone but they aren't fine with it so they are coming along - reluctantly. My parents have been talking about going on a family vacation out west for the past two years. I keep getting excited about it only to be let down by their lack of planning. I finally decided that if they weren't going to do anything about it then I will, so I bought the tickets. I figured that if they had to go west for the concert, then we might as well do the family vacation then. However, my mom is mad because they don't want to go on vacation in July. She thinks it's going to be too hot and wanted to go on vacation in the fall. I should never have bought the tickets but I need something concrete to look forward to. I have all these plans but nothing is confirmed yet. Anyways, the tickets weren't too expensive - $50 each and I bought 2 - but they still hurt my emergency fund that I'm trying to build.