Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 New Year's Resolutions

Goal #1: Rank 5 websites in top 10 for their keywords
Towards the end of November last year, I started 6 new websites. They are Amazon affiliate sites that should be able to fetch $500 or more a month once they hit the top 10 in Google for their keywords. I should be able to complete this goal within 6 months.

Goal #2: Save $500 in an emergency account
I would like to get this completed by June. I will need to put $250 into the account by the middle of March and another $250 into the account by the end of May.

Goal #3: Get under 150 pounds
I will need to lose 50 pounds. I lost 30 pounds in 2013 so 50 should be doable in 2014. I am going to aim to get under 175 pounds by March. I will have to lose around 3.5 pounds a week which will be very tough and unlikely but is possible. I will probably take a month off to maintain in March and then try to lose 15 more pounds by July. The last 10 pounds will come off between July and October. I’m going to lose the weight the same way I lost the last 30 pounds. I’m going to skip breakfast, eat a decent size lunch around noon, have a small snack around 2:30, eat a large supper around 5:30 and not eat anything after 7PM. I will also do 1 hour of cardio a day to start and will add in some weights later in the year.

Goal #4: Read 6 books
I had a goal of reading 12 books last year and that completely failed. I’ve noticed that I tend to choose longer books to read. In 2012, I read Gone With The Wind which was over 900 pages long. I’m still working on Don Quixote which is also 900 pages long. If I read short books, I could probably read one book per month. Since I’m not sure how long the books will be that I’m going to read, I will give myself two months to read each book and will, hopefully, get 6 books read by the end of the year.

Goal #5: Complete Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred in 30 days
I’ve done JM 30 Day Shred twice before but I always gave up after 3 weeks. I would love to get all 30 days completed.

Goal #6: Save $2,500 towards a house down payment/apartment security deposit
I saved up $5,000 last year towards a house down payment but then I loaned my parents $3,000 and spent $2,000 on new clothes and a vacation. Stupid of me, I know! If my parents pay me back, I will easily be able to accomplish this goal. I will still try to save $2,500 this year whether my parents pay me back or not.

Goal #7: Learn to tune my guitar
Last year, my goal was to learn to play 5 songs. However, my guitar would always go out of tune whenever I picked it up. I don’t know how to tune it so I would play it without tuning it. It would sound horrible and I’d get frustrated. I eventually quit trying to play it. Just learning how to tune it will be a good first step in learning how to play it.

Goal #8: Try 1 new recipe per month
I love to cook and trying new recipes. I tried a ton of new recipes last year including mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets, crème brulee and meatball biscuits. I’m going to attempt 1 new recipe each month in 2014.

Goal #9: Visit the dentist
I haven’t been to the dentist in 2 years. The last time I went to the dentist, they found a cavity but I never made an appointment to have it filled. I hope to get that fixed this year as well as get my teeth cleaned and looking good once again.

Goal #10: Buy a Smartphone
I own a really crappy flip phone while all my friends own smartphones. I’m always borrowing my mom’s smartphone and wishing I had one of my own, especially when I want to post photos to Facebook or send out a tweet when I’m out and about. I also can’t send texts with my current phone which is super annoying. I’m pretty sure I know which phone I want, it is just a matter of coming up with the money to buy it and to pay for a monthly data plan.